Deerpark Montessori School.
St. Mary's Parish Hall, Howth,
Co. Dublin.
Phone: 086 8597166

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Our Aim

Tuesday 28th, March


The aim of Deerpark Montessori School is to provide it's pupils with the Montessori Method of education, developing the needs of each child in a carefully prepared, well structured and suitably equipped classroom.


One distinguishing feature of Montessori education is that children direct their own learning, choosing among the different sections of the classroom. This freedom of choice is actively encouraged in the school.


Children go through numerous receptive periods and Deerpark Montessori School aims to develop these periods and encourage independence through the use of the materials provided.


We aim to provide a safe and friendly environment where teachers and children will share many happy moments of discovery.


All children attending Deerpark Montessori School will feel stimulated, safe and secure.


The children in our school are treated with respect as individuals and their teachers are always ready to encourage and listen to each individual child entrusted into their care. It is on this basis of trust and mutual esteem that a happy and productive classroom atmosphere is founded and many happy hours of learning will follow.